Stoneybrook Village Owners Association

Stoneybrook Village
Owners Association

Pond Committee

The Board of Directors in 2011 established the Pond Committee to research, evaluate, and provide recommendations to the Board regarding solutions to existing problems, changes, and improvements to sustain a healthy, balanced, and attractive pond environment. This Board direction (charter) has guided the Committee’s activities from its inception.

The City of Corvallis designated our ponds as storm water detention ponds as a condition of approval of Stoneybrook Village. The purpose of the detention pond is to filter pollutants from the storm water runoffs. The secondary purpose of the pond and surrounding area is a pocket park to enhance the neighborhood for the enjoyment of the residents.

The Committee began its work in 2011 fulfilling the Board’s request to provide expertise and analysis of the Pond Doctor Report’s recommendations for redesign of the pond and pocket park. In addition, the Board requested the Committee to review and comment on Devco Engineering’s analysis for resolving the issues which had resulted in the Board spending on average $23,000 a year to maintain just the pond.

The Pond Committee, in partnership with GAIA Landscapes, strives to fulfill these goals by enhancing the surrounding pond landscaping yearly through its improvement projects. In addition, to facilitate communication between SVOA and GAIA Landscapes, GAIA’s contract includes a requirement for joint oversight. Monthly the Pond Committee Chair and the GAIA Landscapes Supervisor walk the ponds and surrounding landscape vis a vis GAIA’s contract specification. This oversight is significantly enhanced by Pond Committee members’ observations provided to the Pond Committee Chair.

Pond rendering

Stoneybrook Village North and South Ponds

Borders = SW Country Club Drive –  SW Stoneybrook Street – SW Hollyhock Circle

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Sheila Coxon, Chair 
Henny Chambers
Paula Jolliff
Jan Napack
George Novak
Karen Stephenson

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