Stoneybrook Village Owners Association

Stoneybrook Village
Owners Association

Preparedness Committee

Response Team Exercise
Linda, Sheila,Trista at a preparedness Committee meeting

Committee Description

The Preparedness Committee was formed in 2013 to address the scary fact that, in the event of a large scale natural disaster, we may be on our own for as much as two weeks or more. We gained added momentum from the unusual snow event of 2014 when two feet of snow fell in our area making it difficult to get anywhere. 

If telephones had gone out, it could have been much worse. Since then, we have organized a variety of volunteer teams to respond if needed to help Stoneybrook Village survive if the worst should happen. We also host lectures, workshops and monthly tips to help us all be individually prepared.

Contact any committee member if you would like to be involved with Stoneybrook preparedness.

Links to Other Committee Pages


Steve Napack, Chair
Susan Aronson
Doreene Carpenter
David Charlton
Betsey Harrington
Danny Kugler
Bob Laport
Keith Laxton
Jan Napack
Nancy Shatkin


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